Protect Your Employees and Place of Business

Protect Your Employees and Place of Business

Replace your outdated locks and keys

If you recently split ways with an employee who had keys to your building, you can't be sure your property is still safe. Instead of leaving your security to chance, get rekeying or lock changeout services from Harv's Lockshop.

We can update your keys quickly to minimize the disruption to your business. If you want even more security, replace your old locks with newer, stronger models. You can work directly with our locksmith to make sure every entrance to your building is as guarded as you need. Set up commercial locksmithing services by contacting us today.

No project is too big

No matter what kind of building you own, you can count on our locksmith to update every last lock. We'll put almost 40 years of experience to work changing the locks in your...

  • Apartment complex
  • Retail store
  • Strip mall
  • Office building

You can also use take the opportunity to set up different keys for different areas, giving you control over which employees can access which rooms. Make updating your locks simple when you call 208-465-7524 now.