Don't End Up Locked Out Of Your Car

Don't End Up Locked Out Of Your Car

Call us to make spare or replacement keys

Your car is an expensive piece of equipment that you rely on every day. Don't let something as small as a chipped key or faulty remote keep you from driving. If you need new car keys, turn to Harv's Lockshop. We can craft keys and car remotes that match your vehicle. Call us if you...

  • Lost your keys and need replacements to access your vehicle
  • Want spare keys for family members or as a backup
  • Need to replace a broken remote for your car

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We work on nearly all makes and models

Some auto locksmiths will only work with certain types of cars. With nearly 40 years of experience, our keysmith can work on all kinds of vehicles. You can also trust us to make sure your new keys and remote work properly before we leave.

Call 208-465-7524 to find out if we can service your car.