Make Sure Your House Is Safe And Secure

Make Sure Your House Is Safe And Secure

Schedule lock changing or rekeying services

Did your roommate recently move out? Maybe a tenant just left your rental property. If you want to keep your property as safe as possible, change your locks or keys regularly. Harv's Lockshop provides lock changing and rekeying services so you can control who has access to your home.

Once your locks are updated, we can craft as many spare keys as you want. Schedule a lock changeout or rekeying services by contacting us now.

The difference between changing your locks and rekeying

Not sure whether you should change your locks completely or simply rekey your property? Our locksmith can explain your options and help you decide. In general, the difference is...

  • Rekeying: We simply change the lock mechanisms without removing the lock. The process is quicker and more affordable, and you can update locks to work with a single key or different keys to suit your needs.
  • Lock changeouts: We'll replace the entire lock. This makes sense if your locks are old and worn-out or simply outdated. You can make sure your locks are strong, reliable and only accessible with your specific key.

Find out more about lock and key replacements by calling 208-465-7524.